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Statement of Purpose

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Responsibilities of Regulatory Bodies in Canada

What is a Regulated Profession?

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Canadian Regulators of Dietitians

Statement of Purpose

Regulatory Body Authority

The Alliance of Canadian Dietetic Regulatory Bodies is made up of ten equal and independent dietetic regulatory bodies. Authority to regulate dietitians in the ten provinces is set out in provincial legislation. The purpose of professional regulation is public protection. Regulatory bodies are responsible for ensuring the regulatory framework reflects the current dietetic practice environment.

In exercising their regulatory role in the public interest, the ten dietetic regulatory bodies have legislative authority and responsibility to perform the following functions:
  • Interpret dietetic scopes of practice, including reserved/restricted activities
  • Establish, maintain, and enforce standards for: ethics, conduct, entry to practice, continuing competence, professional practice and reserved/restricted activities.
  • Assess and register qualified applicants in their provincial jurisdictions
  • Ensure dietetic education and training programs meet requirements for registration
  • Protect the professional titles and designations to differentiate regulated from unregulated nutrition practitioners and take action on unauthorized dietetic practice
  • Investigate and resolve complaints about a dietitian's practice, conduct and fitness to practice.

The Alliance addresses common dietetic regulatory issues on a national level to advance dietetic regulation in Canada. The Alliance develops principles and frameworks to support consistent standards of public protection and dietetic practice in Canada.

The objectives of the Alliance are to:
  • Develop common frameworks to establish standards for entry to practice, continuing competency, professional practice and conduct
  • Share tools and resources to carry out regulatory responsibilities
  • Facilitate labour mobility for dietitians
  • Communicate with external groups on matters related to the regulation of dietitians in Canada
  • Administer the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination
Alliance members regulate over 9,200 Registered Dietitians in Canada

Responsibilities of Regulatory Bodies for Dietitians in Canada

Regulatory Bodies for Dietitians exist to protect the public. This is done by ensuring that registered dietitians deliver high quality client centered services to the public. The regulation of health professionals in Canada is authorized in provincial law and therefore it differs slightly from province to province. In each province, a regulatory body for dietitians is authorized to protect the public by regulating dietitians. (Links to Canadian Regulators of Dietitians)

What does it mean to be a Regulated Health Profession?

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There are several features of health regulation including but not limited to the following
  • Registration Procedures: Each provincial regulatory body for dietitians sets policy for registering dietitians. The education and practical training qualifications for registration are standardized across Canada. All provinces (excluding Quebec) also require successful writing of the CDRE.  (Link to Qualifying as a Dietitian in Canada)
  • Education Program Approval: Each provincial regulatory body for dietitians is authorized to govern the approval of education programs for dietitians as well as the conditions for continued approval.
  • Title Protection: In all provinces titles for dietitians are protected by legislation. Having a protected title means that only a registrant in the provincial regulatory body for dietitians can use the title. The following are some examples of titles protected by legislation: registered dietitian, professional dietitian or nutritionist. The scope of practice is defined in some provinces meaning only registrants can deliver a defined service. In other provinces, Controlled or Reserved Acts are defined and regulatory bodies make application for their registrants to deliver a defined service
  • Code of Ethics: Most provinces have a defined Code of Ethics for dietitians. Some provincial codes of ethics define professional misconduct and incompetence. Other provincial regulatory bodies have separate legislation to define professional misconduct and incompetence.
  • Standards of Practice: Each province sets out the standards of practice for dietitians which define the minimum performance expectations for dietetic practice. They are defined in order to ensure the public receives competent dietetic services.
  • Mandatory Continuing Competence: The continuing competence of registrants is monitored by each provincial regulatory body for dietitians. In each province, there are consequences for non-compliance with the continuing competency program which can lead to the cancellation of registration.
  • Complaint Investigation: Regulatory bodies for dietitians are mandated to hear and investigate complaints from the public related to the delivery of services by dietitians. Expectations outlined in the Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice or other legislation authorized in the province will be compared to the service provided by the dietitian.
  • Discipline : Regulatory bodies for dietitians are authorized to make orders to registrants based on the findings of the investigation/disciplinary process.

What is a Regulated Profession?

Where the public may be vulnerable to harm as a result of inappropriate conduct on the part of a professional, some mechanism must exist to protect the public interest.

For many health professionals the government has delegated the responsibility of regulating the profession to the profession itself - self-regulation.

This means that the health profession establishes its governing structure which sets out the standards by which the organization operates to protect the public. The organization elects or appoints health professionals and public representatives to carry out the government's mandate.

To increase the accountability to the public and also provide a public point of view, most regulatory bodies have public appointees on their board or council and committees.

In Canada the regulation of health professions is the jurisdiction of the provinces and territories, therefore variations in how the professions are regulated exist across the country.

For information specific to how dietitians are regulated in a province, visit the websites for each Canadian Requlator of Dietitians.

  Canadian Regulators of Dietitians

The College of Dietitians of British Columbia
Registrar: Fern Hubbard, BA, MEd
Suite 409, 1367 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6H 4A7
Phone: (604) 736-2016
Toll-Free: 1-877-736-2016
Fax: (604) 736-2018
Email: fhubbard@collegeofdietitiansbc.org
Website: www.collegeofdietitiansbc.org

College of Dietitians of Alberta
Doug Cook
Registrar & Executive Director
#740, 10707 - 100 Ave.
Edmonton, AB T5J 3M1
Phone: (780) 448-0059
Toll Free: 1-866-493-4348
Fax: (780) 489-7759
Email: registrar@collegeofdietitians.ab.ca
Website: www.collegeofdietitians.ab.ca

Saskatchewan Dietitians Association
Registrar, Lana Moore
#17-2010, 7th Ave.
Regina, SK S4R 1C2
Phone: (306) 359-3040
Fax: (306) 359-3046
Email: registrar@saskdietitians.org
Website: www.saskdietitians.org

College of Dietitians of Manitoba
Registrar, Michelle Hagglund
36 - 1313 Border Street
Winnipeg, MB R3H 0X4
Phone: (204) 694-0532
Fax: (204) 889-1755
E-mail: office.cdm@mts.net
Website: manitobadietitians.ca/home.aspx

College of Dietitians of Ontario
Registrar, Mary Lou Gignac
5775 Yonge Street
Suite 1810, Box 30
Toronto, ON M2M 4J1
Phone: (416) 598-1725
Fax: (416) 598-0274
E-mail: info@cdo.on.ca
Website: www.cdo.on.ca
Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec
Joanie Bouchard MSc(c) DtP
Professionnal Practice Coordinator
2155, rue Guy, bureau 1220
Montreal, QC H3H 2R9
Phone: (514) 393-3733
Fax: (514) 393-3582
E-mail: jbouchard@opdq.org
Web Site: www.opdq.org

New Brunswick Association of Dietitians
Pauline Watt
530 Main Street
Woodstock, NB E7M 2C3
Phone: (506) 324-9396
Fax: (506) 328-2686
Email: registrar@adnb-nbad.com
Website: www.adnb-nbad.com

Prince Edward Island
Dietitians Registration Board (PEIDRB)
Carolyn Knox, Registrar
PO Box 362 CTL
Charlottetown, PE C1A 7K7
Phone: (902) 892-9284
E-mail: registrar@peidietitians.ca
Website: www.peidietitians.ca

Nova Scotia Dietetic Association
Jennifer Garus, P. Dt.
NSDA Executive Manager
212 - 1496 Bedford Highway
Halifax, NS B4A 1E5
Phone: (902) 835-0253
Fax: (902) 835-0523
E-mail: nsda@ns.aliantzinc.ca
Website: www.nsdassoc.ca

Newfoundland & Labrador College of Dietitians
Cynthia Whalen, M.Sc., RD
Registrar (Acting) & Executive Coordinator
PO Box 1756
Postal Station C
St. John's, NL A1C 5P5
Phone: (709) 753-4040
Toll Free: 1-877-753-4040
E-mail: registrar@nlcd.ca
Website: www.nlcd.ca



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